19 September 2010

Beats in the WORKS & album cover 4 "Medication 4 LIFE"

Busy days! Been working on a lot of beats recently and been writing and recording new material for my coming album "Medication 4 LIFE", which I started designing the cover 4 tonight.

I had my friend Jens aka J-Rock visiting last weekend, and we made this one banger, which we posted on YouTube.... CHECK IT OUT!!!

Also really excited about this coming year! My boy Aman, which I study with and I, have BIG plans for the coming year, lots of musical ideas in mind! So watch out for that. He will probably help me with some of the production and recording for my album as well.

hmmm Hope you all have a great week!

[120]_On The Journey With Jens

album cover "Medication 4 LIFE"


NTB & J-Rock

NTB Moves

Graffiti ART


J-Rock on the DECK

Hillbilly & Daughter

 Isabella flying

Jens & Isabella @ Starbucks

On the bus in Lancaster

Working on that SOUND

Its ON

Jens aka J-Rock

TURN IT UP! A little louder - R.I.P. J Dilla

NTB aka Pappa & My girl!

The angel!

08 September 2010

Just a job interview for Sainsbury's.. Feeling pretty confident :)... Not chillin with wifey!

07 September 2010

New home = new set-up _ then inspiration leads to new beats

Just got back from two weeks away down south in London and Cambridge, had a nice time with family and friends, but nice to be back home again. It has also been nice to have some head space after a very busy summer. Feeling very inspired for the next year and I'm now ready to grind hard. Been making some nice beats which I will post up on here from Soundcloud & YouTube soonish!

For now you can see my new set-up in our living room. Nice and compact and its just so everything fits. 

Enjoy the pictures for now, and get at me if you need if you need a hip hop or grimey beat? or if you need a guest verse?

contact me on or

peace to all! G.O.D. Bless! - NTB

Set-up overview

Ableton Live used with KORG-nanoKey and M-AUDIO-Trigger Finger

Vinyl & Turntable


J Dilla print on the wall. I got it with the "Turn It Up" box from Stones Throw, along with the "Ruff Draft" tape cassette, and t-shirt 

Ninja Turtle guarding the cassette

Been listening to "Madlib the Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6" last couple of days
A Tribute to... J Dilla

Compresson-Audio Interfaces-Portable Tape Recorder-CD Player

05 September 2010

back in Lancaster and was so nice to come back to a very clean house! BACK IN THE HOOD! - NTB

30 August 2010

Happy Birthday to my nephew Liam!!! Been to the park and now back at my sisters.. He will now be rockin' some LRGeans & LRG t-shirt!

27 August 2010

off to sleep, and in my dreams ill be composing a beat