19 September 2010

Beats in the WORKS & album cover 4 "Medication 4 LIFE"

Busy days! Been working on a lot of beats recently and been writing and recording new material for my coming album "Medication 4 LIFE", which I started designing the cover 4 tonight.

I had my friend Jens aka J-Rock visiting last weekend, and we made this one banger, which we posted on YouTube.... CHECK IT OUT!!!

Also really excited about this coming year! My boy Aman, which I study with and I, have BIG plans for the coming year, lots of musical ideas in mind! So watch out for that. He will probably help me with some of the production and recording for my album as well.

hmmm Hope you all have a great week!

[120]_On The Journey With Jens

album cover "Medication 4 LIFE"


NTB & J-Rock

NTB Moves

Graffiti ART


J-Rock on the DECK

Hillbilly & Daughter

 Isabella flying

Jens & Isabella @ Starbucks

On the bus in Lancaster

Working on that SOUND

Its ON

Jens aka J-Rock

TURN IT UP! A little louder - R.I.P. J Dilla

NTB aka Pappa & My girl!

The angel!

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