26 August 2010

London baby!

My family and I are currently in London, UK visiting my parents. A very relaxing time, nice to get some time to clear my head and get reloaded mentally. Just been seeing friends and so on. Really excited for the time coming, got a lot of music I will be working on, so keep on checking the blog and my other pages.

Peace for now and enjoy the pictures of me and Isabella and some BONUS material-ish!!

Isabella & Pappa chillin'

Isabella yawning!



A beat made by me and my mayne Jnr:

And also check out my man Triune, he has his EP coming up soon, titled "Celebration EP". Triune is a part of Foot Soldiers & Tunnel Rats, and the founder of UNO Entertainment. He was featured on several  tracks on KRS-ONE's album "LIFE"
Triune is also featuring on a track for my up and coming album "Medication For Life"

Also my last album is now available for FREE @

<a href="">Intro by NTB</a>

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